• Vertical shutters open up and down
  • Sizes up to 1400mm wide and 2300mm tall
  • For ease of use, tall units fitted with mid grip handle
  • Optional aluminium handle at the bottom
  • Locking mechanism available

Vertical shutters are ideally suited for applications where floor space is at a premium. The shutter rolls up into the top of the cabinet leaving the whole footprint of the cabinet available to use. The weight of the shutter is supported by a counterbalance mechanism (usually a spring) to support it at any open position.

Waivis have a range of different counterbalance mechanisms, including the easy to fit Waivis Cassette. A range of different finishes are available including plain colours, printed decors, aluminium and even glass.

Vertical opening shutters are more hygienic, as dirt cannot collect in the running tracks, making them suitable for kitchen and medical applications.