Tambour Doors

At WAIVIS we have been supplying bespoke tambour doors for many years now, we understand that our customers often need a tailor-made solution to complete one-off projects at a quick turnaround, and this is at the very core of our business.


Tambour Doors

Tambour doors are one of the most versatile design options – they can be used horizontally or vertically, and the front panel can be designed to your specifications, making them perfectly fit even the tightest of spaces. Tambour doors have the ability to become a feature with statement colours, or can achieve the exact opposite and achieve minimalism by hiding objects or spaces until they are required.

Vertical shutters are ideally suited for applications where floor space is at a premium. The shutter rolls up into the top of the cabinet leaving the whole footprint of the cabinet available to use. The weight of the shutter is supported by a counterbalance mechanism (usually a spring) to support it at any open position. WAIVIS have a range of different counterbalance mechanisms, including the easy to fit WAIVIS Cassette. A range of different finishes are available including plain colours, printed decors, aluminium and even glass. Vertical opening shutters are more hygienic, as dirt cannot collect in the running tracks, making them suitable for kitchen and medical applications.

  • Vertical shutters open up and down
  • Sizes up to 1400mm wide and 2300mm tall
  • For ease of use, tall units fitted with mid grip handle
  • Optional aluminium handle at the bottom
  • Locking mechanism available

Side opening tambours were originally developed for the office environment and are a cost effective solution, as a counterbalance mechanism is not required. Nowadays, they are also used in other areas of application such as shopfitting, caravan and leisure as well domestic environments. A side opening shutter runs in a horizontal running track, which can be routed into the cabinet or screwed to the inside surface, making these a versatile option for series production batches.


  • Side opening shutters open horizontally
  • Sizes up to 1600mm wide and 2300mm tall
  • Available as single or double door opening
  • Optional aluminium handle for extra rigidity
  • Colour matched handles with optional lock

There is a certain fascination with glass, especially when it comes to kitchen design. Picking up on the trend for glossy cabinets and glass surfaces in modern kitchens, WAIVIS now offers a range of real glass shutters for an elegant finish to your kitchen project. Manufactured using toughened safety glass, these slats are ideal for an area that has to cope with the many daily stresses of a kitchen environment.


The Vetro-Line range consists of 3 different glass tambour doors (translucent satinato, high gloss black and opti-white) as well as a choice of aluminium or stainless steel components, providing you with a premium cabinet. The result is a harmonious, spacious cabinet front that will compliment any kitchen interior. Supplied as an easy to fit cassette mechanism for vertical applications, the Vetro line shutter is available from stock in all popular standard kitchen cabinet dimensions.


With many application options, metallic-line tambour door systems are the perfect fit for creative interior design for modern, functional spaces. Sleek metallic finishes offers a great combination between premium look aluminium or stainless steel finish, but with the convenient and functional properties of a polymer tambour door system. We offer a variety of different slat widths and an extensive range of accessories.


Parts for Tambour Doors

WAIVIS Polymer shutters use only the highest quality PVC extrusions supplied by REHAU. The patented co-extruded hinge technology used in WAIVIS shutters is continuously tested for strength and allows a smoother running shutter even in the tightest of radii.

Our range of shutter profiles include traditional plain RAL colours as well as translucent, metallic and wood effect tambours which are produced using state of the art printing technology to ensure an attractive, hard wearing high quality decorative finish.

These polymer materials are supplemented by WAIVIS’ specialty tambour offering made from aluminium, steel or even glass which ensures WAIVIS can offer the perfect shutter solution for your project.

Shutters produced from alternative polymer materials, such as environmentally friendly Polypropylene, are available on request.


For certain applications – particularly in retail environments – security and or strength is paramount. Here WAIVIS can offer a solid aluminium roller shutter to provide maximum impact resistance and vandal protection.

The shutter is designed for use with the same easy to install counterbalance mechanisms as our polymer shutters and can be supplied with a heavy duty locking mechanism for maximum security. The solid aluminium shutter can be supplied in mill, painted or anodised finish with matching handle and tracks.

Metallic-line is a hybrid shutter profile extruded by REHAU which combines the cool touch and appearance of real aluminium with the smooth running characteristics of a polymer shutter.

They are predominantly used in kitchen applications to add a space saving modern feel. It can be used with all the normal WAIVIS counterbalance mechanisms and track systems. Metallic line shutters are available in B2 bright aluminium or stainless steel finish with perfectly matching components such as handles, tracks, pelmet etc.

Picking up on the trend for glass surfaces in modern buildings. WAIVIS now offers a range of real glass shutters for an exclusive finish to your kitchen project.

The Vetro-Line range includes 3 different glass options (translucent satinato, high gloss black and opti-white) as well as a choice of aluminium or stainless steel components.

Supplied as an easy to fit cassette mechanism for vertical applications, the vetro line shutter is available from stock in all standard cabinet dimensions.