Surfaces & Edgeband for Healthcare

The properties of furniture surfaces are of vital importance in the healthcare sector due to their risk of contamination; surgeries, hospitals and care homes all require their interior surfaces to have the very best antibacterial qualities.

WAIVIS have been supplying tambour units to the healthcare sector over a number of years, and we are delighted to now be offering REHAU’s surfaces and edgebands to our valuable customers in this industry.


REHAU’s surface materials are non-porous and homogeneous polymer that is easily cleaned and is resistant to both bacterial and fungal growth. Alongside the surface WAIVIS are also able to distribute a matching REHAU edgeband.

Full protection against the contamination of furniture only comes with the selection of the correct edgeband. WAIVIS recommend REHAU’s zero-joint edgebands for healthcare furniture as they are not only sophisticated in style but also close-off the joint area where the adhesive would normally sit, which can be a nesting ground for bacterial.