Since becoming a part of the global REHAU Group, WAIVIS has an unparalleled access to the full range of REHAU’s Express
Collection standard range of furniture products, including polymer surfaces and edgebands.

By using REHAU’s edgeband selector WAIVIS customers can select the perfect edgeband match for their project – you can order up to 10 edgeband samples free of charge – take a look at what is available  and get in touch with us.


REHAU’s Italian designed RAUVISIO surface materials offer a superb blend of functionality, durability and design options, making them the obvious choice for a variety of different settings.

Configure your custom front panels

WAIVIS can offer you a very special service: customised, laser-edged panels with no minimum order. Choose between our RAUVISIO brilliant, RAUVISIO crystal, RAUVISIO Fino and RAUVISIO wave surfaces, and configure your customised front panel in a few simple steps. And of course, there’s nothing to stop you designing multiple panels to different specifications at the same time. Plan your designs across complete units:

The REHAU configurator now allows you to arrange components to match the direction of wood or marble-effect patterns. This new and unique feature allows your customers to apply the same patterns and textures across multiple components at the same time.

Glass lends furniture a sense of elegance and luxury, making it an eye-catching feature of any design. RAUVISIO crystal looks just as beautiful as glass, but boasts a number of advantages: It is less brittle and much lighter than real glass, as well as being scratch-resistant and exceptionally easy to work. It can be accurately cut to size with normal woodworking tools, with no breakages and no waste. RAUVISIO crystal is pliable, can easily be milled or inlaid, and fitting backlights is a simple job, too.

Thicker sheets can be used for front panels, whilst thinner sheets are ideal for recesses or wall panels. A wide range of designs are available in matt or high-gloss, polymer mirrors and optional magnetic surfaces. Whether you’re working on a kitchen, bathroom, living room or shop, RAUVISIO crystal gives you incredible design freedom, allowing you to take modern interiors to the next level.

    • Highly scratch-resistant
    • Soft touch, anti-fingerprint finish on matt surfaces
    • Easy to clean
    • Can be marked with whiteboard markers (high-gloss surfaces) or chalk (matt surfaces)
    • Individual colour matching, even for small orders
    • Authentic looking polymer glass
    • Sophisticated, elegant & luxurious
    • The aesthetic of glass but less brittle, scratch-resistant & easier to work with
    • Accurately cuts to size with ordinary woodworking tools

RAUVISIO brilliant acrylic laminate emphasises the latest trends in furniture and living space design. RAUVISIO brilliant’s outstanding depth effect makes it a great alternative to high-end lacquered elements within surfaces, allowing you to create exceptionally beautiful, coated front panels. The acrylic laminate material has numerous benefits, including long-term UV resistance – proven to last for at least 20 years of indoor use. Furthermore, it’s a versatile surface with outstanding colour and shine, and can be cut to size using standard woodworking tools. If that’s not enough to convince you, it can be bent and cut into virtually any shape, giving you total design freedom.

With new RAUVISIO brilliant SR, you can now get this exclusive acrylic
surface in gloss or matt with an ultra-durable hard coat finish. The
coating makes the surface incredibly resistant to scratches and abrasive

What’s more, when RAUVISIO brilliant is combined with RAUKANTEX pro
polymer invisible joint edgebands and the latest processing technology,
there’s no trace of the usual ‘frame’ effect.

    • Colour-fast and UV-resistant
    • Easy to clean 
    RAUVISIO brilliant SR offers all this and more, including
    • High scratch resistance
    • Easy to clean
    • Soft touch, anti-fingerprint finish on matt surfaces
    • Can be marked using standard whiteboard markers
    • Up to 60% cheaper than lacquered components
    • Can be bent & trimmed for any design
    • Colour-fast & UV-resistant
    • Easily cleaned


REHAU has come up with a cost-effective, high quality alternative to expensive lacquered components. The lacquered laminate is ideal for use with matt, gloss or metallic vertical front panels in kitchens, bathrooms or shops.

It can also be combined with a matching invisible joint edgeband to create a permanently seamless look.

    • Suitable for standard woodworking tools
    • Cost-effective alternative to lacquered components
    • Certified lightfast for indoor use
    • Wide range of designs available from high gloss, matt & metallic


WAIVIS is a key partner located in London distributing REHAU’s RAUKENTEX edgebands nationwide. With a choice of over 1800 colours and over 100,000 decorative designs in stock for immediate delivery and edgebands available to match current panel and laminate collections from all major Board and laminate manufacturers. Used across all sectors in the manufacture of modern day furniture from commercial offices, kitchens, Bedrooms to campervans and shopfitting, we have a match suitable for all.

All edgebands have a custom-cut service and start at only 1 metre length. One of the strengths of REHAU’s edgeband range is the way it matches your surfaces to produce a totally seamless look.

We have the new Creative Design Collection available from our premium Stock Collection. It’s your passport to a whole new world of creativity and individuality. From composite materials incorporating metal and glass, to realistic wood effects, illumination and 3D looks, there’s a whole range of new and surprising possibilities for you to explore.

Solid-colour edgeband

Decorative edgeband

Mirror glass edgeband

Elegant matt edgeband

Glass-effect edgeband

Translucent edgeband

3D effect edgeband

Metal effect edgeband

Feature edgeband

All edgebands offered by WAIVIS are available with standard primer on the reverse for application with traditional hot-melt adhesives. However, if your company is one of the growing number in the UK now using invisible joint (glue-less) technology then you can choose from the “plus” or “pro” zero-joint range. These edgebands are applied to the board using laser, hot-air or other glue-less application machines and provide a high-end product quality and a seamless edge to your finished furniture component.

By using REHAU’s edgeband selector WAIVIS customers can select the perfect edgeband match for their project – you can order up to 10 edgeband samples free of charge.