Say Goodbye to Cable Spaghetti!

Network and power cables, telephone lines, mobile chargers, printer connections all clutter up the modern work space whether it be your desk in the office or at home.

Tidy them all away with a flexible, modern, cable spine from Waivis and reduce the “spaghetti” of cables on your desk.

– flexible in 3 dimensions
– 4 separate chambers
– integrated desk connection
– simple installation
– modern design
– horizontal and vertical application

The cable spine is available ex stock from 1pc.

  1. Cable spine (horizontal application) (1 Set)
    Art. 233879 -001 Aluminium
  2. Cable spine flexible (1 Set = 79 cm)
    Art. 232217 -001 Aluminium

Other colours are available so contact us for more information.