Looking for the perfect edge to match your board? The Board Matches Guide below is a simple online edgeband search tool which helps you find the perfect edgeband/panel combination in just a few steps.

All our edgebands are supplied by REHAU the market leader in polymer edgebands so you can be sure that the edgebands you select for your project are of the highest quality and are tried and tested by some of the largest kitchen and office furniture manufacturers across the UK and Europe.

Every edgeband supplied by Waivis is available with a standard primer for normal application with hot melt adhesive. You can also choose from our Pro and Plus range of glue-less edgebands to achieve a seamless, one-piece finish to your project.

Which ever method of application you can chose matches to over 15,000 panels from all the leading board and laminate manufacturers and all available at short notice from quantities of 1m.